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Clarence, with his cute little underbite, was found running down a Houston street without a destination in mind. Lucky for him, his foster was able to convince him that their house was a much more fun place to be! All Clarence needs now is to find his perfect forever home. Are you just the family to give this sweet doggie angel a second chance at a wonderful life? He can’t wait to meet you!

Clarence’s Details
It’s a Wonderful Life: Clarence was named after the hapless, but kind angel from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, and just like his namesake, sometimes Clarence can be a bit misguided in his attempt to earn his wings. Clarence loves walks more than anything else. He walks great on the leash, but sometimes other dogs, or people who are approaching too quickly can be a little scary for him. It will take time to work with Clarence to make him feel comfortable and protected enough to know that he can relax and trust you to lead him in the right direction.
You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Clarence said in It’s a Wonderful Life that: “No man is a failure, who has friends.” We think that must be the motto for our angel pup as well! Doggie Clarence loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his nearest favorite human and get some affection! Sometimes he even manually makes you pet him by bumping his head underneath your hand! Life on the streets can make a fella appreciate what he has, and Clarence is so thankful to have a friend in you!
Trick or Treat: Clarence is a smart boy who likes to please! He’s house-trained, and is excellent at the “stay” command! He’s working on sit, down, and off, and with practice will have them down pat! Clarence’s big motivation, though, is pleasing you. Treats are great, but sometimes, he’d rather just hear you praise him and tell him what a good boy he is. Clarence can have a bit of stubborn streak sometimes, so the more high value the treats (chicken, cheese, Bil Jack) the more likely he is to listen.

Are you the perfect family to show Clarence what it means to earn his wings? Come by and meet this angel –in – training today. He’s been waiting for you to give him a chance, and can’t wait to impress you with everything he’s learned!