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Foxy was a stray dog fixated on a homeless man who wanted nothing to do with her. She relentlessly followed the man. He was her home, only he did not want her. Imagine seeing this scene, no matter the weather, almost every day on your way to and from work. Sometimes, Foxy limped. She was thin; always hungry. Foxy’s foster mother witnessed this. She would stop to feed Foxy, only Foxy would often leave her food after wolfing a few bites to keep up with the man. Finally, she asked the man if she could help by taking Foxy to the vet, and giving him weekly food for her. He said that it wasn’t his dog, so she asked if he would help her get the dog into her car. He refused. She did not give up. Another day, she was able to get Foxy into her car with the help of chicken nuggets. Surprise, surprise—Foxy was pregnant! Thus began the transformation of Foxy from homeless to ready and waiting for a home and family.
Up close and personal: Foxy, named for her resemblance to a fox, is friendly, calm, likes to please, and is trainable. She likes people of all ages, other dogs, going for walks, and car rides. Foxy is an agreeable dog. She is loyal.
Education: Foxy is used to a collar and leash. She is semi-house trained. Foxy is intelligent and can be trained.
Foxy deserves to live with a nice family in a comfortable home like yours. Foxy may quite possibly become the best canine experience of your life. She has been through the worst. Now, it is time for you to give Foxy your best!