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Beth knew what she was doing when she followed a couple of kids home from walking their small dog. Beth was terribly malnourished and had a skin infection. The family took her to the vet and got Beth the treatment she needed. Now she is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted dog.

Temperament: Beth is friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, obedient, outgoing, protective, calm, adaptable, and trainable. Beth is a people-person dog. She loves to be around people and other dogs. Her calmness around other dogs surprises first-timers meeting Beth. She loves to go for walks and runs, meet people of all ages, play with other dogs, go for car rides, and grooming. Beth has reacted well to loud noises, thunderstorms, and strange places.
Training: Beth is house and crate trained. She has learned the commands sit, leave it, down/off, lay down, drop, and go. Beth is used to a collar and leash, however; she sometimes pulls on the leash, and is trying to learn not to jump on people. Beth barks only when outside, and may dig if in the yard unattended. She does not dig when people are with her. Beth has been destructive sometimes, as she is still a young dog. She is working on that.
Appearance: People often make unjust assumptions when they see a dog like Beth. Meeting her, they quickly revise their biased opinion. Beth is everything that you would ever want in a great dog!

Beth likes nothing better than to follow her people around the house with a toy in her mouth as they attend to everyday chores. When running at night with her foster mother, Beth keeps an eye on any possible threat and growls when necessary. While her services have never been needed, Beth provides a feeling of security. Whether you have children or other dogs, Beth will blend into your family. Beth knows that she is lucky to be alive, and she wants to share her life with you!