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Diva is a loveable Shepherd/Retriever mix that was found hanging out near a construction site in Conroe. She was limping, starving, and very afraid of strangers, so she may have been mistreated by people. Diva loves her foster mom, who has taken such good care of her, but she needs a human she can keep forever!
Personality: Diva is shy when you first meet her, then as she gets to know you, she becomes sweetly enthusiastic, obedient, outgoing, protective, trainable, and adaptable. Due to her life experiences, Diva needs to know you to be able to trust you. Then, she will follow you everywhere! Diva likes other dogs, going for walks, children, adults she has become used to, grooming, car rides, water, and sometimes cats and strange places. She must be introduced to strangers. Diva is adaptable, and her personality will become more laid back in a loving home and secure environment.
Training: Diva is house trained and semi-crate trained. Diva has learned the commands sit, leave it, come, stay, and wait. Diva is used to a collar and leash. She does not howl, but sometimes barks or jumps on people. Diva has sometimes dug in the yard.
Protective: Diva can get nervous and protective of her foster mom around strangers, then warms up to them when she realizes that they are just friends she had not yet met! She is working on this.
Diva is going to make a wonderful dog member of your family. We all have “issues” and so do dogs! Diva’s sense of stranger-danger is based on reality. With you, she will meet and greet people frequently and begin to see the goodness of the humans she encounters. Diva wants to bond with a person she can keep! Why can’t that person be you?