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His piercing gaze … his rugged physique … everything about Bowser screams Street. Heck, even his name is tough! Actually, this cuddly guy is a marshmallow in dog’s clothing – squishy, squashy, and twice as sweet. He’s one of those natural people pleasers and will do anything he can to earn a smile, a kind word, and a massage.
Here are a few more of Bowser’s qualities that we’re sure you’ll love:
- The quintessential housedog, Bowser is 100% housetrained and not at all destructive in the home.
- Baths?? Shots?? No problem! This dog is completely trusting of people and comfortable being handled.
- He’s nice AND smart, too! Bowser loves training and already knows quite a few commands, including Sit, Down, Relax, Touch, Let’s Go, and Leave It.
- Bowser is a dream dog on the leash! He generally doesn’t pull and pays attention to his handler.
- Aside from cuddling and training, Bowser’s hobbies include playing fetch and tug. But, while he loves his toys, he can tell the difference between his things and yours.
- He’s a housedog, but not a homebody! Bowser loves car rides and is absolutely well-behaved on the road.
- Bowser loves everyone he meets. Look elsewhere for a one person dog!