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Spunky little Trudy was dumped into someone’s back yard. Trudy is a curious mix of Dachshund and Chihuahua commonly called a “Chiweenie”! You might think that Trudy’s ears are cute, but someone used scissors to trim them. They are now healed, however, who knows what else she has endured. In spite of a rough start to life, Trudy still loves and craves human affection and attention. She’s been waiting to meet her forever family that will shower her with all of the love (and treats!) that she deserves. She sure hopes to meet you soon!

Trudy’s Accolades:

Miss Congeniality: Trudy is a friendly, energetic and enthusiastic gal who loves people, walks, car rides, making new doggie friends, and even baths! A few of her other favorite past times include a good lap snuggle, and nibbling (sometimes hiding) her “Trudy Treats”. This sweet girl won’t pass up an opportunity for some delicious snacks!

Most Likely to Succeed: Trudy is a smart girl! She’s crate trained, and happily regards her crate as a safe place. Sometimes, she even goes in on her own, just to take a comfy nap! Trudy also knows fetch, down, off, and stay. She walks well on the leash, although sometimes gets overwhelmed with the need for attention, and may jump. As Trudy becomes more comfortable living in her very own forever home, she is sure to wow you with her ever evolving love for learning new things.

Most Popular: Trudy is truly a special gal. Everyone she meets falls in love with her, and we really can’t blame them, could you? She’s been through a lot, but her indomitable spirit remains an ever present force to be reckoned with. Trudy needs you to truly shine. Come by and meet this sweet girl today. She can’t wait to be the love of your life!