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Daisy Mae and Bowser, Sr. were just two dogs on the streets of Houston, doing the best they could to get by. As things go in the dog world, they were blessed with a litter of puppies. They did everything they could to provide for their family, but it just wasn’t enough. When things were looking bleak, they were rescued by someone who wanted to help them find permanent homes. MJ is one of those puppies.

MJ is a Catahoula mix. MJ could be short for “Marcello, Jr.” or “Michael Jackson” or even “Michael Jordan”. MJ recovered more quickly than his littermates from having spent his infancy on the streets. He is the second largest of the puppies, and is very playful. MJ would be great with a family that has children.

MJ will be a dog that can accompany you or your family on outings and share the memories you make together. Come spend some time with MJ and see if he matches up with you!