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Wendy is a gorgeous Shepherd/Chow mix. Wendy is a great dog that absolutely loves being around humans. Squeaky toys are her kryptonite, so she can usually be found lounging about and squeaking the toy periodically when she wants to play.
Personality: Wendy is shy at first, but will warm up and begin seeking belly rubs. Wendy is friendly, likes to please, obedient, calm, and trainable. Wendy likes other dogs when she interacts with them alone and does not have to share her humans with them. Wendy likes to go for walks, likes adults, car rides, and going to new places. She is sometimes bothered by sudden loud noises.
Education: Wendy is house trained and mostly crate-trained. She does like to bark sometimes, when the mailman passes by. Wendy is used to a collar walks well on a leash. Wendy knows the command sit, and is working on learning more. Wendy does have a tendency to resource guard. This is an issue that can be dealt with. Through consistency in training, Wendy will improve, and no longer feel the need to protect her food or her person.
Wendy will be a great companion and friend. As she becomes used to your routine and social activities, your friends will be her friends. Wendy will look forward to going out and sharing your experiences. It is important for Wendy to continue to socialize with other people and dogs to maintain a healthy balance. Meet Wendy! Allow time for her to get to know and warm up to you. Take her for a walk. Talk to her. Listen to what she tells you with her body language. If you have the right chemistry, you may have the beginnings of a life-long relationship!