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Max is a sweet terrier mix rescued from a restaurant parking lot, where he had been hanging out for about a week. Max is a young dog that seems to like just about everything and everybody!

Personality: Max is a friendly pup that can be a tad guarded at first with people and dogs but warms up after he knows you are friend and not foe. Max is energetic, enthusiastic, adaptable, and trainable. He likes other dogs, walks, his crate, people of all ages, grooming, car rides, cats, and going to new places. Max does not seem to be bothered by loud noises or thunder and lightning. Max is curious about the cat in his foster home, but does not bother the cat.

Training: Max is crate trained and is working on his house training. He does not howl, but does bark at times. Max is used to a collar and leash; however he sometimes pulls on the leash and jumps on people. Max is a quick learner, and has learned the commands sit and down/off. Max likes to chew a bit if he gets bored so keep any eye on your favorite shoes! His fosters are working on directing him to more appropriate things.

Overall, Max is a super sweet and loving dog that needs someone to train him to be the best he can be. Max has a tendency to be somewhat wary at first, so he needs an experienced dog person that is not can work with him on building his confidence and getting past his fears. Max really needs a forever home, and someone who will love him unconditionally. Max will do everything he can to make you happy each and every day! Please come and meet Max!