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Leela was found wandering east of the medical center near a busy intersection with her pal Duke. Although she was homeless, Leela was friendly and confident, coming to her foster’s door for food—and help in finding a forever home. Leela is a lively Rottweiler mix that is still a puppy at heart!

Personality: Leela is friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing, obedient, calm, adaptable, and trainable. Leela likes other dogs, walks, children, adults, strangers, grooming, car rides, and going to new places. Leela socializes well with the dogs she meets, and loves to play. She does well in public. While Leela is playful and energetic, sometimes she will simply plop down in the grass and chill.

Training: Leela is used to a collar and leash, and walks well on the leash. She may bark or jump on people occasionally but a bit of training will help that. Inside the house, Leela is house trained. She likes to chew and sometimes finds something that maybe she shouldn’t have! Leela is responsive to commands and will quickly obey when told not to jump on you. Leela knows the commands sit, heel, leave it, fetch, down/off, come, lay down, wait, and drop.

Leela has the characteristics most people look for in a canine family member. She is intelligent, and capable of learning more because she will want to please you. Leela would be the perfect dog to grow up with your children and be part of your family! Please make plans to meet Leela. She’ll be waiting!