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Jenni was found in Kingwood. She was about to be taken to BARC by the person that found her when fortunately a good Samaritan stepped in. Jenni is an adorably appealing Border Collie mix you won’t be able to resist!

Jenni’s Details:
All you need is love: Jenni can be a bit of a shy girl, but, she’s been through a lot! Once Jenni knows that you’re safe, you’ve got a friend for life! This sweet girl will pay attention to your every move and your wish is her command! She loves being loved, and what she likes most in the world is being near her human. Snuggles, pets, and the occasional belly rub, and Jenni is putty in your hands!
Smart Girl: Jenni is working to learn her basic manners and is picking things up quickly! She walks well on the leash, is crate trained, house trained, and even though she hasn’t officially been taught to “leave it” all it takes is a word from her person and she will drop anything she’s chewing. Even though border collies have a high prey drive, Jenni is so tuned in, that if she sees squirrels or birds, she’ll happily refocus on you with a gentle tug of the leash. Jenni is a smart, adaptable girl who will learn quickly from her person!
Let’s get Physical! Jenni loves to play and would enjoy spending time playing ball, walking, or doing just about anything as long as it’s with you. You’re her most favorite thing, after all! Come by and meet Jenni today! She’s been waiting to meet her special someone to love for life, and she thinks that might be you!