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Zoe’s owner took her in when her daughter’s friends had some troubled times and their only alternative was taking her to a conventional shelter. Zoe deserves to be with a family that absolutely loves her and will devote themselves to spending time with her. Zoe is a Catahoula mix that loves to run, play, hang out with you, and chew on a nice rawhide!
Personality: Zoe is friendly, likes to please, enthusiastic, obedient, outgoing, protective, calm, adaptable, and trainable! Whew! Zoe likes most other dogs, walks, older children, adults, strangers, grooming, car rides, and water. She sometimes finds thunderstorms or sudden loud noises bothersome but it’s not a major issue. Zoe is very calm in the house after her daily exercise. Zoe will run out the door if she has not had a walk or potty break, but she’ll come right back. She thinks it is a game! Zoe is loyal to her humans.
Training: Zoe is house and crate trained, and used to a collar and leash. She barks if someone comes to the door, or if people and/or dogs are walking by. Zoe is an intelligent dog, and knows the commands sit, leave it, down/off, come, lay down, stay, drop, and “in your house” when it is time to go into her crate.
Zoe really needs someone that wants her! She is a great dog with many skills and capabilities, and would be a super companion for just about anyone. Zoe needs daily exercise and loves to run and go for walks, so she would be the best exercise buddy you’ll ever find! If you are looking for a dog, meet Zoe and put your search to an end!