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Sometimes, people move and leave their pets behind. This happened to Bandit when he was a puppy. He is lucky to have found a temporary home, but his owner is moving and can’t take all of the dogs she has taken in over the years. This is good news for you! Bandit loves walks and is awesome on a leash. He gives lots of love, and is great around cats and dogs.

Personality: Bandit is friendly, likes to please, obedient, outgoing, adaptable, and trainable. Bandit likes people of all ages including strangers, car rides, new places, and water. Bandit is not always crazy about grooming and thunderstorms though. One of his favorite things is to give kisses to the people he loves!

Training: Bandit is house and crate trained. He is used to a collar and leash. Bandit only barks occasionally. Bandit knows the commands leave it, down/off, and come. He is a super sweet dog with virtually no bad habits!

If you are looking for a dog, look no further! Bandit is the dog for you! Bandit is a prince among dogs! Bandit is a smart, athletic dog that will happily move into your life and make you a believer. Whether you are chilling by the pool or running in the park, Bandit will be right there beside you, hanging on your every word…or panted breaths. Meet Bandit and take him for a test walk. You’ll surely fall in love with Bandit!