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Fred, a charming Chihuahua mix, was found in Baytown running along the feeder road with his sister and best buddy Ginger. With no collar, tag, or microchip to be found, Fred came to FFL to find his forever home. Because Fred and his sister Ginger are so closely bonded, it is important that they be adopted together.

Doggie Disposition: Fred is friendly, and loves to play chase with other dogs. He likes to please, is energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing, obedient, and trainable. Fred is full of energy and loves to play with toys of all kinds. Fred likes adults, strangers, grooming, and car rides. He is not bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms. Fred gets anxious if Ginger is not nearby.

Early Doghood Education: Fred is working on house and crate training and leash training. Still a puppy, he likes to pull on the leash and jump on people, so Fred is busy learning his doggie ABC’s. Fred has learned the command come, and is working to learn sit. He knows his name and what it means when you say treat. What a motivator!

Fred loves his sister Ginger as much as he loves food, so Fred is inspired to learn when treats reward his efforts. You can continue this training process until Fred and Ginger have completed their education. This diminutive duo will be your companion team and entrée into the world of small dog aficionados! At three months, they are at just the right age to become part of your world!