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Nymeria is a stunningly beautiful Siberian Husky mix with striking eyes. One is blue! Nymeria is named after one of the six direwolf cubs from Game of Thrones, so she is sure to spend her life in a quest for adventure! Nymeria was found running loose in northwest Harris County. She is now preparing to be your new lifelong friend and companion.

Temperament: Nymeria is friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, obedient, outgoing, adaptable, and trainable. Nymeria is very smart and always wants to make you happy. She likes other dogs, walks, adults including strangers, car rides, and cats. Nymeria is not bothered by loud noises, going to strange places or thunderstorms. She loves men!

Training: Nymeria is house trained and is working on becoming crate trained. She is used to a collar and leash, however; she will pull on the leash a bit but it easily trained. Still young, Nymeria has on occasion gets bored and will find things to chew. Nymeria knows the commands sit and lay down. As a member of the Siberian Husky family, Nymeria is an intelligent, independent dog that will benefit from a confident, experienced dog owner who will set rules and deliver consistency.

Nymeria is a gorgeous dog, but you should adopt her not because of her looks, but because she is an all-around great dog! Nymeria is destined to become the most memorable dog ever to share your life!