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Spunky Yellow Lab mix Astro was found wandering down a busy street in search of food. Astro is a precious puppy! You might notice that his fur is sparse in places. It is a mild case of mange that is being treated. Soon, Astro will be looking as gorgeous as nature intended!

Personality: Astro is friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, obedient, outgoing, and trainable. Astro likes to go for walks, loves people of all ages including strangers, grooming, car rides, and cats. He is not bothered by loud noises, thunderstorms, or going to new places. Astro enjoys the typical puppy pastimes of playing and sleeping.

Training: Astro is crate trained and semi-house trained. He is used to a collar and leash, and walks well on the leash. Astro sometimes barks or jumps on people. He has displayed no bad habits at his foster home. Astro has learned the commands sit and stay.

Astro is a delightfully playful puppy that will become a beloved pet. Astro is a smart dog, having already learned two commands. He will learn more as he spends time with you. Whether you have a large family or are a single, Astro will be happy to be with you! Make plans to meet Astro soon!