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Mackie appeared in his foster’s front yard by unknown means. Mackie was far too young to have wandered very far on his own. Mackie is considered a mix of Lab and Pointer. Isn’t he a handsome little guy? Mackie wants to be where the action is, even if that is simply sitting at his foster’s feet!

Personality: Mackie is friendly, somewhat suspicious, obedient, outgoing, and trainable. Mackie likes other dogs, walks, and people and strangers of all ages. Mackie is okay with thunderstorms and going to strange places, but he is not a fan of loud noises. The lawn mower and power tools cause him to go into his crate for safety. Mackie tolerates baths, but is not overly fond of them. He sometimes gets nervous on car rides but it’s all new to him!

Training: Mackie is very advanced in the training department – he is house and crate trained and used to a collar and leash. Mackie sometimes barks or howls when he gets excited for attention. Mackie may jump on people but only because he loves people. Mackie is very smart and has learned the commands sit, down/off, stay, and no.

Mackie is a delightfully playful puppy that will be by your side for many years, as he grows into maturity. If you are a jogger or runner, Mackie will enjoy running by your side as he matures and develops his strength and endurance. What a great way to spend your time together! Meet Mackie and take him outside where you can spend some time alone and get to know each other. If things work out, Mackie could be your new best friend!