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What kind of person ties a dog to a fence and just leaves him there to starve to death? While it is difficult to understand that type of behavior, it is best to focus on the kind of person that will rescue this dog, then make sure he is nursed back to health and helped to find a loving home.

Meet Rodeo. He has gained weight and is being treated for heartworms. Rodeo is looking good these days, but you can tell from the uncertainty on his face that he needs you to give him the love and security that will put a doggie smile on his face!

Personality: Rodeo is a super sweet dog that has cooperated with everyone while being examined and given a bath.

Training: Rodeo has been well-behaved since his rescue. He can be trained, and will be responsive to the love you give him. Rodeo will want to please you.

Rodeo was rescued from certain death. Somehow, Rodeo knows this, and it lends a certain dignity to his demeanor. Rodeo will become an excellent friend and companion for anyone willing to give him a second chance at a new life.