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Phillips, a friendly Lab/Border Collie mix, was found at the Port of Houston. She was quite emaciated, and was easily approached. Phillips has been enjoying the comforts of her foster home, but now she is prepared to meet you as she searches for her perfect match!

Personality: Phillips is friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, cautious, outgoing, protective, submissive, playful, and trainable. Phillips likes other dogs, going for walks, adults including strangers, grooming, car rides, cats, and going to new places. She is not bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms.

Training: Phillips is house trained and is working on becoming accustomed to a dog crate. Phillips is working on her leash training. She sometimes jumps on people and is working on her leash manners. When eating, Phillips gulps her food, as do many former strays. Phillips has learned and is still working on the commands sit, come, and no. She is very smart and will continue learning. Since Phillips is very motivated by affection, she learns quickly for praise and treat rewards! She loves her Kong with peanut butter. She also loves carrots!

Phillips has a few rough edges that she is working through on her quest to be your best canine companion! She had a difficult life as a stray; however, every day in her new life leads her one step closer to a forever home. Phillips wants to please you and make you happy, as that also makes her happy! Make plans to meet Phillips, and see if this half-grown puppy is the dog you’ve been looking for!