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Siblings and Wire-Haired Terrier mix’s Lolli and Pop were found in the parking lot of an AT&T service center. They were there for quite a while, so their rescuer fed them and set up a crate for them. Lolli and Pop are two peas in a pod. Where you find one, you will find the other!

Personality: Pop is friendly, yet somewhat timid and shy. He is adaptable. Pop is very sweet and loves his Lolli and affection! Pop likes adults, including strangers. He has not met children while being fostered. Pop likes car rides, and is not bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms. Pop enjoys being a lap dog and getting lots of petting whenever he can!

Training: Pop’s life as a stray did not lend itself to formal training. He and Lolli were busy trying to survive on the streets of Houston. Pop is an opportunity! Pop is intelligent and should be able to learn how to be the dog you want him to be. During this time, you will learn about each other and find the balance that works for both of you.

Ideally, Pop would love to share his future home with his sister Lolli. They have been through much together, and would be happier to take life’s next step together. You would have the benefit of obtaining an instant family! How great is that?! Make plans to meet Pop soon! Perhaps a wire-haired dog or two will be in your future!