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Simba wants your love and affection. Sure, he has some issues in the beauty department right now, but he is being treated and will be as handsome as ever in no time!
Big Heart/Big Personality: Simba is a small dog with a big personality. Although initially cautious Simba likes other dogs, people of all ages and warms up quickly. A true lover boy.
Education & Manners: Simba is used to a collar and leash and does well in a crate. He is still working on his housetraining but it’s coming along well. With his love for people and attention, Simba does jump on people to get noticed but this habit is easy to correct. Simba does know how to sit but he sometimes doesn’t want you to know this so he’ll disregard it! Don’t let him get away with it – he is a smart boy! Simba loves to play , especially with other dogs his size. He loves it so much he sometimes doesn’t know when to quit – even when the other dog has had enough. Simba is just full of life!
Don’t Miss A Thing! Simba loves being where the action is so when he starts to get tired, he gets frantically energetic like a little kid that won’t take a nap even though clearly tired! He seems almost panicked by the idea that he will not be awake to see what happens next - but all it takes is a gentle stroke on his back and then very quickly he calms down. Who doesn’t like a back massage?

Simba is ready to move in with you and become your best friend! Please take the time to spend some time with Simba and see what he has to offer you! You’ll be glad you did!