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Imagine moving into a new house, then discovering a stray dog with eight newborn puppies in the crawl space underneath! The mom is a Boxer mix, and the father or fathers must have been traveling men, because they didn’t hang around. The result is eight adorable puppies that need to be placed in a good home like yours!

Bella is enjoying her puppy world before she heads off to a new life with you! Her mother weighs 45 pounds, so it is estimated that Bella will weigh from 45 to 50 pounds as an adult. Bella is living in a great home and learning how to be a well-rounded puppy within a normal home environment. With seven siblings, Bella will learn the doggie social skills that will serve her well as an adult.

By adopting a puppy—or two—you will be able to share in all of the cute moments and growing up experiences, as well as the unavoidable “uh-oh!” incidents that you later look back on and laugh about. Sharing this experience with children is even more rewarding!

As a member of the Boxer family, Bella will be playful, loyal and family oriented. Bella will share her love for people and enjoyment of life with you, as well as an instinctive willingness to please you. Bella may be a high energy dog that needs exercise and stimulation, so she will be perfect for an active family or individual.

Meet Bella and her sibling puppies! You won’t be able to resist their cuteness!