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Yellow Lab mix Bella was found on the streets of Houston, however; she did live in a junkyard for quite a long time. Bella was very lucky to survive the distemper virus, which left her with a slight tremor in her right leg. This is not a health concern and will not affect her life. It’s just something you may notice, and evidence that, like the song says, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Personality: Bella is friendly yet shy, calm, cautious, adaptable, and trainable. Bella likes other dogs, walks, children of all ages, men, women, grooming, car rides, and cats. She is shy with strangers. Bella is okay with thunderstorms, but sometimes bothered by sudden loud noises. She likes water sometimes as well – maybe it’s the lab in her!

Training: Bella is not yet house and crate trained but she is an intelligent dog and can easily be trained. Bella only barks when necessary. Bella is used to a collar and leash and walks well on the leash. Bella knows the command sit. Bella has not displayed any bad habits. Bella does guard her food. Common in many former strays, this should subside. There were many times that Bella went hungry, so her natural instinct prompts her to keep others from taking it away.

Bella is a dog that could so easily have fallen through the cracks of society, had not a special human rescued her. Bella is an ideal family dog. She will be easygoing, mellow, patient, and gentle. As a mixed breed Yellow Lab, Bella will not suffer from many of the health issues shared by pedigreed Labs. Since Bella is the real deal, do yourself a favor and meet this wonderful dog!