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Cupcake may have been dumped near her foster family’s home, as she simply wandered up one day.
Cupcake is a pleasing mix of Boxer and Plott Hound, and will be a wonderful addition to any family or
household. Cupcake is a young dog that can grow up with your children or by your side. She will be
happy to be a vital part of your life, even as she finds ways to keep you happy!
Personality: Cupcake is friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, obedient, outgoing,
adaptable, and trainable. Cupcake likes other dogs, walks, people of all ages including strangers, car
rides, and going to new places. She is okay with loud noises. Cupcake tried to play with her foster’s cat
upon meeting her, but kitty was not game. Now, Cupcake leaves kitty alone.
Training: Cupcake is house and crate trained. She does not howl, but sometimes barks. Cupcake is
used to a collar and leash, but sometimes pulls on the leash. She occasionally jumps on people. Still
young, Cupcake has been found guilty of the random act of digging or destruction. Cupcake is intelligent
and has learned the commands sit, fetch, come, and drop.
Cupcake is a dog for all reasons, no matter the season. From playing ball in the spring to catching
Frisbees in the fall, Cupcake will be ready for every activity. Cupcake is serious about finding a forever
home, with the love and security you will provide. In return, Cupcake will try every day to make your life
a happier, healthy one!