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Dex is a super-adorable Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer mix commonly called a “Snorkie”. Dex is a very social dog that enjoys the company of humans more than anything else. Dex has been great in his foster home, but now it’s time for him to move into his forever home with someone like you!

Personality: Dex is a friendly, social dog that likes children and adults. He likes other dogs after being introduced. Dex likes to ride in the car and go to new places. As long as Dex is with his human family, he is a happy dog!

Training: Dex is mostly house and crate trained. He only barks when put into his crate when his family is leaving the house. Dex is used to a collar and leash. Dex has not displayed any negative habits in his foster home.

Dex is a Velcro dog. Where ever you are--that is where you will find Dex. Dex is small and portable, so he could go with you almost anywhere. If you have been looking for a cute small dog that loves affection and cuddling, look no further! Dex could very well be the dog you have been looking for!