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As a young pup, Avi came down with the dreaded parvo virus. Her owners couldn’t afford treatment so they just abandoned her at the vet’s office. Poor Avi was confused and frightened – sick with no family. Fortunately for Avi one of the Veterinary Technician’s fell in love with her and got her treated. All better now, Avi is ready to find someone that can take care of her for the rest of her life!
Personality – Avi is a sweet, active girl that loves people, dogs and cats. She has quite a bit of energy so she’d do well with an active family. When she is not playing she loves a good cuddle on the couch with her family!

Education – Avi has had a late start on her training due to her situation but she is a smart, intelligent dog. She is still working on her housetraining but already knows Sit and Down. She just needs someone to help her finish her education – she can easily graduate to the next level – they sky’s the limit for Avi!

Come and meet this sweet girl today – you won’t be disappointed!