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Faith was a stray taken to the county pound. Faith is so social, sweet, and loving that you find yourself thinking that she just had to be somebody’s dog! She probably was. Since they had never “adopted” her, she was a disposable dog left behind when they moved. In her quest for love and stability, Faith has kept trying to find a permanent home, only to repeat the disposal process.

Personality: Faith is friendly, affectionate, loves people of all ages, likes cats, and is simply an all-around fabulous dog. Faith likes to go for walks and although shy with other dogs, she likes to play with them if they are friendly. She is submissive, so if another dog growls or barks, Faith will immediately back off. Smooth Coated Collies tend to be highly intelligent, sensitive, mild-mannered, sweet, loyal, and easy to train. They are faithful, docile, playful, and good with children.

Training: Faith is house trained, used to a collar and leash, and walks very nicely on the leash. She is intelligent and a quick learner. Faith knows the commands sit and down.

Faith needs someone like you—someone who understands that she needs a home that will provide her the safety and security she needs to build her confidence. Faith needs to know that she will be loved unconditionally forever. Don’t you think you are the person that has the qualities that Faith needs? Please, make plans to meet Faith! You will not walk away untouched by the goodness of this beautiful dog we call Faith.