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Eddie was found wandering around the Heights. He is a cute little black-haired Terrier mix, but unlike many terriers, Eddie is not a barky dog. Eddie is very calm and content to be somewhat of a lap dog. That works well since he is a small dog! Eddie must not have lived in a house with stairs, as they are new to him, and he is learning to climb and descend stairs with his foster family.

Personality: Eddie is friendly, likes to please, enthusiastic, outgoing, calm, adaptable, and trainable. Eddie likes other dogs, his crate, adults, including strangers, car rides, and sometimes--cats. He is not bothered by loud noises or going to new places.

Training: Eddie is house and crate trained. He is used to a collar and leash, and is learning to enjoy going for walks. Eddie’s foster family is still getting to know him and are learning what all he knows, so there may be some undiscovered talent to find!

Eddie will be a great companion dog and friend. Eddie will be quite happy to be your best buddy and for you to be his! He is a sweet little dog looking to you to determine his future! Meet Eddie and find out all that you have in common. You may be a perfect match!