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Lucky was rescued after living in a junk yard for about six months. Lucky was not a paid employee. He is far too sweet to be a real junk yard dog. When rescued, Lucky was thin and his coat rough. Regular healthy meals will take care of that. At some point, Lucky suffered a fracture to his front shoulder that resulted in nerve damage. This gives him a slight limp. Lucky spent most of his life on the streets and hiding out in the junk yard. He needs a true home and someone to teach him to be a valued family member. Lucky is an intelligent dog that will want to please you by learning quickly.

Personality: Lucky is friendly, calm, adaptable, and trainable. He likes children, men, women, and strangers. Lucky likes car rides and going to new places but can be a bit shy about the big world outside the junkyard. He is adjusting quickly though.

Training: Lucky was a blank slate initially, but has quickly become both crate and house trained. Lucky has also become used to a collar and loves taking walks on a leash. He only barks occasionally. Lucky has not been formally trained, but he has displayed no bad habits, which is a definite plus!

Lucky has never had a home or known what it is to be loved. He is learning what that can be like, but as great as a foster home can be, it is no substitute for a forever home with someone like you! If you have room in your life and your heart for Lucky, please arrange to meet him and spend some time with him. You will find that Lucky is sweet, kind, and gentle—amazing for a dog that raised himself! Lucky has all of the qualities that will create an excellent pet dog. Do you have what it takes to adopt this worthy, wonderful dog? Make this your Lucky day!