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Yellow lived the first part of her life in a junkyard. Unlike the dogs you may see patrolling behind a fence after business hours; Yellow did not perform a safety patrol, nor was she fed on a regular basis. Yellow simply lived in the safest place she could find, and went hungry far too often. Yellow is a sweet dog that hopes to better both her life and yours by becoming your special friend for life!

Yellow is friendly, likes to please, calm, and very adaptable. Yellow has liked the adults and strangers she has met; she has not yet met children but would probably be just fine. Yellow likes car rides and likes to go for a swim! Must be the lab in her!

Yellow is house trained and will let you know when she needs to go. She is crate trained and does well on a leash. Her rawhide is her favorite chew toy and if she has this she is completely content around the house.

Yellow reflects not only Yellow’s name and coloring, but also her sunny disposition and outlook on life. Yellow has spent her life symbolically making lemonade from all of the lemons her life has served. She has become strong and enduring, and will be loving and faithful. Please meet Yellow and spend some quality time with her. You’ll both be glad you did!