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Jackie is the latest in our series of junkyard dogs. Jackie has spent her entire life living within the relative safety of a junkyard. Unlike the dogs you may see patrolling behind a fence after business hours, Jackie did not perform a safety patrol, nor was she fed regularly until recently. Jackie simply lived in the most secure place she could find, and went hungry more often than not. Jackie is a sweet dog that hopes to better both her life and yours by becoming your special friend for life!
Personality/Behavior: Jackie is friendly but shy, likes to please and is calm and adaptable. Jackie’s shyness disappears after the first time she meets a new person. Jackie has met and likes older children and men. Jackie is learning that meeting people is a positive experience. Jackie likes car rides and going to new places, but does not care for thunderstorms.
Education: The junkyard did not provide much in the way of training, however; Jackie is intelligent and trainable, so she will learn her canine life skills in short order. Jackie has already learned the command Come. Jackie is not house or crate trained, but she is learning every day. Jackie is learning to become accustomed to a collar and leash and go for walks. Jackie only barks sometimes when necessary. Jackie guards her food to keep others from eating it, as do many former strays.

Jackie’s life prior to her rescue consisted of constant bad times, but her spirit and sense of hope survived, making her the ideal adoption consideration. Every day you live with Jackie, you will find yourself amazed at how gentle and wonderful she is, and wonder how a junkyard could produce such an exceptional dog! Meet Jackie for yourself as soon as possible. Jackie will be waiting for you!