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Gus is a handsome fellow with an adorably classic boxer under-bite. He’s got a charming personality that is sure to win you over as soon as you makes you laugh for the first time.

Let’s get to know Gus!

Let’s start with the basics: Gus absolutely housetrained and crate-trained, so you don’t have to worry – your home is safe!

A straight A student: Gus knows how to sit, down, shake, touch and sit/stay … and much more. Lucky dog, his foster mom is a professional dog trainer!

A fun friend for your dog: This dog is a social butterfly and generally gets well with all dogs … especially ones that like to wrestle and play chase. While playing with other dogs, Gus will do somersaults and alternately stalk and pounce on his toys.

Instant fun (for humans, too)! He likes to play fetch and tug and will drop when you gently push his “drop button”—his nose.

Experienced with the feline persuasion: Gus has spent much of his life around cats and has learned to coexist comfortably with them. Not many dogs have that on their résumés!

Affection: Gus enjoys petting and affection! He especially likes to rub his face on your lap and get a nice back rub and butt scratching!

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