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Faye is a pretty Border Collie Mix rescued from BARC, where she had been picked up as a stray. Faye is a sweet, shy, laid back dog that loves to ride in the car to go to the pet food store! Faye also enjoys a good squeaky toy without being obnoxious about it. Another great thing is that Faye doesn’t beg for human food.

Personality: Faye is friendly, shy, likes to please, cautious, calm, reserved, and trainable. Faye likes other dogs, the dog park, walks, her crate, squeaky toys, children, adults, and car rides. She is okay meeting strangers when they kneel/get down to her level to be introduced. Faye is doing well with new situations, and loves to be with her human. Faye likes to eat in her kennel, and one of her favorite things is to chew on a bone filled with peanut butter.

Training: Faye is crate and house trained. She only barks occasionally and walks well on the leash. She may pull on the leash sometimes, when she sees a squirrel or has to do her business. She is not destructive and does not jump onto furniture.

Faye is an intelligent dog that can open a pop-top can, and is learning new things every day. Right now, she is learning to play fetch--and give the ball back! Faye has a lot of love and affection to give to her forever friend. Please arrange a meeting with this wonderful dog and see for yourself what you could experience every day in your own home!