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Maggie migrated to the safety of the junkyard early in her young life, and lived outdoors without shelter from the elements. Maggie ate whatever she could find—if she could find anything. There were no regular meals in her world. The miracle is that while there were no dependable humans, Maggie trusted her rescuer to feed her and take care of her until she finds a forever home. Maggie is a handsome Shepherd/Collie mix that will become a loving and loyal friend and companion.

Personality/Behavior: Maggie is friendly, likes to please, outgoing, calm, and very trainable. She has not met any children, however; Maggie has liked the adults and strangers she has met so far. Maggie likes car rides! While in foster care, Maggie is benefitting from having the experiences of a normal dog and is learning new things every day that will help her in the future.

Training: Maggie is a blank slate in this area. The good thing is that she will be able to learn what you want her to know without you having to worry about any bad habits. She has not been in a position to learn those! Maggie is an intelligent dog capable of being trained. In foster care, Maggie is learning to become accustomed to a collar and leash, and go for walks. She only barks sometimes, but does tend to guard her food to keep others from eating it. Many former strays share this trait.

Maggie is going to be a very fine dog that you will be proud to call your friend. Maggie is willing to take a chance on you. Why not meet Maggie, and see if you can do the same for her?