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Peter was adopted as a puppy and thought he had found his forever home. But his family have had some major changes in their lives and can no longer keep him, so he is looking for a real forever home this time. Peter is a handsome Golden Retriever/Shepherd Mix with a beautiful coat. He is an intelligent dog with a lively personality that would be well-suited to a home with adults and older children.

Play Dates Please! - Peter loves going to the dog park to play with his friends! It is delightful to sit and be entertained with his playful antics! Peter gets along great with other dogs, older children, and adults. He is even getting use to younger kids the more he is exposed to them at dog parks. He does not care for cats. He is wary of strangers, but does better when proper introductions are implemented.

Give Me a Challenge! - An energetic and intelligent dog, Peter will respond to daily exercise, play and mentally stimulating activities. If you are an active person who would enjoy the company of a canine sidekick in your daily exercise routine, Peter is your dog! He knows the commands sit, leave it, down/off, lay down, and stay. He is becoming better with walking and will stop at the command “Wait” when he gets to far ahead and will resume the walk at a simple “Let’s go.

Cozy In His Crate - Peter is house and crate trained. He sleeps in his crate at night and sometimes insists that you give him a morning belly rub before going outside.

Let’s Keep Busy! - When Peter’s bored he may dig in the yard and has a tendency to chew and swallow cloth items if they are not kept away. Regular exercise and attention will minimize these types of occurrences.

It’s Mine, Not Yours - Ok so no one is perfect. Peter tends to gulping and guard his food--and sometimes toys. A slow feeder will help with his food gulping and some training would help with resource guarding.

Peter could be your perfect counterpart, but you’ll never know until you meet him! Please—don’t delay! Peter is waiting for you!