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Freckles was found in a wooded area near a chemical plant. His freckled coat immediately identifies him as a member of the German Short-Hair Pointer family, while his small size is indicative of that special “mix” in his family tree. Freckles is a dog with a lot of energy that will be best suited to a family or individual that can provide him with daily exercise and structure. The GSP breed craves order and benefits from an owner who displays a natural air of authority and provides leadership.

Personality: Freckles is friendly but can be suspicious at times, enthusiastic, protective, and very trainable. Freckles likes other dogs as long as he gets to be the one in charge. He has met and liked older children, but has yet to meet younger kids in foster care. Freckles likes adults, but is sometimes wary when meeting strangers. Freckles is not crazy about loud noises or thunderstorms, and is cautious when going to new places. Freckles likes grooming!

Training: Freckles is house and crate trained. He does not howl, but sometimes jumps on people and will bark occasionally. Freckles is used to a collar and leash. Left in the yard, Freckles will occasionally dig but that is because he is bored – give this boy a job! Freckles knows the commands fetch and down/off. Freckles is an intelligent dog and will eagerly learn additional commands with you.

Freckles will be as much a loving family member as he is at being outdoors engaged in whatever activity is planned for the day. Freckles will likely let you know when someone is approaching your home, as he will be an alert dog. Freckles will be perfect for an active, social, outdoorsy family or individual. If this sounds like you, then you really should meet our friend Freckles!