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Abandoned Terrier mix puppies Carson, Caryl, Chase, Chandler, and Cassidy are ready to meet you and become a part of your family! These beautiful puppies were found in a tub, hungry, dirty, and smelling like petroleum! Unwanted canine pregnancies should not result in poorly cared for puppies! Don’t waste your emotions toward whoever dumped this precious cargo, but use them positively toward breaking the cycle by adopting and responsibly caring for a sweet puppy that will grow into a playful medium-sized dog.
Terriers were bred in England many years ago to hunt vermin, guard their families’ homes, and to serve as companions. Today, mixed terriers tend to be great family dogs that are generally healthy, tough, and resilient. They can be high energy dogs that need daily exercise as an outlet for some of that boundless energy. As puppies, Carson, Caryl, Chase, Chandler, and Cassidy are at the right age to begin training to be the kind of dog you need, whether it is just as a companion or a dog shared with a large family. The puppy will adapt happily to your living situation, and will readily learn the skills you teach him or her.
Make plans to meet Carson, and see if he is the puppy you’ve been looking for. If you like to adopt a sibling as well, you will have a difficult choice! These loveable puppies won’t be here long, so please make plans to meet them all!