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When Yellow Lab mix Daisy was found abandoned in a Houston neighborhood, her rescuer took her to the vet to be vaccinated. A diagnosis of heartworms had the rescuer wanting to put Daisy down despite the veterinarian’s offer to treat her at no charge. So a neighbor stepped in to foster Daisy until her treatment was completed and she could find a forever home. Daisy is completely healthy and waiting for her perfect human counterpart!

Driving Miss Daisy: Daisy is sweet, loving, and active. She is people-oriented. Daisy likes other dogs, except for the small/toy breeds. She isn’t too fond of cats. She likes going for walks, meeting new people, grooming, car rides, and going to new places. Daisy is not bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms. Daisy is working on becoming more accustomed to water. As with many foster dogs, there are no children available for Daisy to meet and play with. However, labs are known as great family dogs, so Daisy will most likely enjoy playing with children.

Training: Daisy is house and crate trained. She is not a barker, but sometimes howls when greeting people. Daisy is used to a collar and leash, and has good manners – she doesn’t jump on people. Daisy knows the commands sit and down/off, and is working on leave it.

Daisy is an easy-going, loveable dog that will be a great friend and companion. Daisy has a lot of energy and will require daily exercise, which will benefit both of you! Please plan to meet Daisy and get to know her. That might be all it takes to make both of your lives complete!