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Benjy is a totally adorable Jack Russell Terrier mix that will warm your heart and brighten your days!

Personality: Benjy is friendly, likes to please, calm, and trainable. Benjy likes other dogs, walks, his crate, adults including strangers, grooming, car rides, cats, and going to new/strange places. He is an expert snuggler! Unknowns include loud noises, thunderstorms, and water. Benjy is a chill dog with a super easy-going personality.

Training: Benjy is crate trained, and possibly house or semi-house trained. He is not a barker or howler, but sometimes jumps on people. Benjy is used to a collar and leash. Benjy knows the commands sit, leave it, and lay down.

As a member of the Jack Russell family, Benjy is essentially a large dog trapped in the body of a small dog! Benjy is highly trainable and capable of learning tricks and commands with positive reinforcement. Benjy will be a great family dog--or just as super for an individual or couple. Meet Benjy soon, and you’ll quickly find yourself falling in love with that expressive face!