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Jasper is an amazingly smart, loyal guy. Who happens to have one little weakness. Jasper is scared of thunder! We know that’s kind of surprising for such a big, tough guy, but, hey, we all have our burdens, right? Jasper’s just a softy, who needs a lot of love and patience to help him understand that he’s safe from all of those scary loud noises when it rains outside. Are you the perfect family to help Jasper out through sunshine and raindrops? He promises to reward you with all of the love and loyalty that this big guy’s heart can hold.

Jasper’s Best Qualities

All You Need is Love (and walks!): Jasper is definitely a lover! His favorite things are hanging out with his family, and getting some playtime in with other doggies. Walks are one of the best things about his day. He loves strolling around the block to meet his neighbors, and even jogging a bit, if you’re feeling up to it. After walks and playtime, his next favorite thing is to snuggle and up and relax with his family. Jasper grew up with cats, so if they’re part of the fam, then he understands, and will handle any kitty with tolerance and patience.

Straight A Student: Jasper is one smart boy! He is house trained, leash trained, and even loves his crate! He also knows the commands sit, lay down, and shake. The only things that Jasper really doesn’t like are thunderstorms and water, but since he’s so smart, a little bit of work will go a long way. He probably won’t be diving into a swimming pool any time soon, but he’s such a people pleaser, that with a little help, training, and unconditional love this intelligent gentleman will learn the coping skills he needs.

Jasper can’t wait to meet you and settle into his forever home. Come by today, and let him show you what big love is all about!