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Fiona is a young Shepherd/Retriever Mix found near a highway in the northwest suburbs. Fiona is a super-sweet dog with a puppyish friendly personality that is impossible to resist! She will mature into a medium sized dog that will be just right for you and/or your family!

Personality: Fiona is friendly, slightly shy, likes to please, cautious, outgoing, calm, adaptable, and trainable. Fiona likes other dogs, people of all ages including strangers, car rides, going to new places, and water. She is learning to like going for walks. Fiona is sometimes bothered by loud noises.

Training: Fiona is semi-house trained, with ongoing training. She is working on getting used to a collar and leash, but may sometimes jump on people. Fiona has displayed no bad habits such as digging or chewing on non-toy items. Fiona has learned the command come. She is an intelligent dog capable of learning much more!

Fiona will be a great dog for an individual or family, as shepherd/retrievers are social and family oriented. She will become a faithful and loyal companion that will live with you for many years. Fiona is old enough to have outgrown most of the puppy traits, but still retain her youthful exuberance! Fiona will be the dog you want to come home to…unless you can take her with you to work!