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Daisy, an Anatolian Shepherd Mix, was rescued from a junkyard. She is a kind and gentle dog that is beginning to learn about life outside of the junkyard. Daisy’s coat is a stunning brindle mix that will get people’s attention as you go for walks!

Personality: Daisy is shy but friendly, likes to please, calm, trainable, and adaptable. Daisy lived an isolated life, so everything is new to her and may take a little getting used to. She likes other dogs, car rides and water, and is not bothered by loud noises. Daisy has met some children, and is learning to like these new and different creatures! Daisy warms up after meeting you and realizing she can trust you. She will gain more confidence the longer she lives in a real home environment.

Training: Daisy is an intelligent, trainable dog and has already learned the command come! Other than this, she is a blank slate at the moment, so you don’t have to worry about her having learned bad habits! She is a dog and barks sometimes, but not excessively. Due to having gone hungry in her young life, Daisy currently guards her food to keep anyone else from eating it and so that it will be there later for her to eat. This is something that can be worked with, and you will be able to teach Daisy that her food comes from you with love, and that there will always be food for her the rest of her life! Working through this will bring you closer.

A dog like Daisy that has overcome challenges in life with the help of humans can often become not only a worthy companion, but one of the best dogs ever! Daisy will look up to you and trust you to be there for her in the future. Daisy is a lovely dog, and will be an excellent partner and friend!