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Scruffy was found living in a local park. He was trotting around saying hello, and looking for someone to give him some pets, and food when his foster decided that he was just too irresistibly cute to stay homeless! Scruffy is now with his foster and looking forward to finding his forever home!

I’m Sticking with You! Scruffy may as well be made out of glue, this sweet man loves his people. One of Scruffy’s most favorite things in life is to snuggle up on the couch for TV time and pets. He’s a true ladies man, and can sometimes be a little nervous when first meeting men, but after he is introduced properly, be prepared for some lap sitting and sweet puppy snuggles!

Future’s so Bright – I Gotta Wear Shades: Scruffy is crate trained and knows sit, leave it, come, and drop. He’s working on learning down. The sky is really the limit with this treat motivated (soft, chewy treats are his fave) smarty pants. He can’t wait to learn some new tricks from his forever family!

Perfect Day: Scruffy’s perfect day would start with a leisurely morning of waking up with his favorite person (you!) and getting some quality snuggle time in. Next up would be a little trip outside to see if there are any squirrels that need chasing. Those pesky critters are always starting trouble! After he’s patrolled the yard for hooligan squirrels, he would find a nice sunny spot for nap time, and hopefully some more pets. A little walk is the perfect way to wind down the evening followed by…. more snuggles!!! Come by and meet this little cuddle bug today, we dare you not to fall in love!