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Ñino, a Corgi mix with the cutest foxlike face, belonged to someone who moved from an apartment complex without him. Neighbors fed him from the first of the year, and he remained in the apartment area until someone decided that he needed a better life in a permanent, stable home. Ñino is ready for that better life with you!

Personality: Ñino is friendly, cautious, likes to please, calm, trainable, and adaptable. Ñino seems cautious at first, then quickly warms up to new people. He likes to be picked up and cuddled. Ñino likes other dogs, adults of all ages, being brushed, and car rides. He is learning to like going for walks, baths, and going to strange places. Ñino is not fond of loud noises. Although there are no children in his foster home, Ñino did well with the many children in his apartment complex.

Training: Ñino is house trained and is learning quickly to become accustomed to a collar and leash. He sometimes jumps up on people and can be a finicky eater at times. Ñino is intelligent, motivated, and learns quickly.

Ñino, as a member of the Corgi family, has a sweet disposition and will be extremely loyal to his family—your family! They say that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. It’s true! Ñino was left behind, but he truly is a treasure!