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Tula had some bad break ups in the past. First she was dumped, then she was almost shot, and then, much to her relief a kind person came and offered her shelter from the storm. This playful little coon hound is now looking for the perfect place to call home. Forever! Is your family the long term commitment type? Tula would love to meet you!

Gentle on My Mind: Tula is friendly but a tad shy and timid. She will need someone with a gentle hand to help her be comfortable in her new space. Once she gets to know you, though, she is affectionate, energetic and enthusiastic. Tula is crate trained and likes car rides, long walks, and exploring new places. She loves people, other dogs, and most cats.

Let’s get Physical!: Tula loves to run! She walks great on a leash and would be an excellent jogging or hiking companion. She’s a smart girl too! In addition to being crate trained, she knows the commands come and down/off. Coon Hounds are active dogs that like to have a job. Learning new tricks is a great way to keep Tula active and engaged. She can’t wait to add some new tricks to her repertoire with you!

Perfect Day: Tula’s perfect day would start by waking up next to her favorite person, i.e. you!, then going on a fun morning walk or jog, stopping to sniff a few flowers along the way. She would follow that up with a delicious breakfast, some lazy dog lounging, maybe practicing some of her new tricks, and cap the day off with a lovely after- dinner walk, cuddle time with her person, a soft bed to sleep on, and the promise of starting the next day (and the rest of her days) by your side.

Come meet Tula today, she’s been waiting for you her whole life!