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Oscar appears to be a purebred Dachshund. He is certainly gorgeous! Oscar has been overwhelmed since being left in his rescuer’s yard and beginning the adoption process. He will blossom with love and care in a permanent home. Dachshunds like being an only dog so they don’t have to share attention. Oscar would thrive with a single person or maybe a pair of empty nesters. Dachshunds are small dogs with big personalities. They don’t require a great deal of exercise, but will need daily walks.

Personality: Oscar is a sweet tempered dog that is friendly, protective, and a bit stubborn.! Oscar likes his crate, older children and sometimes younger children, women, grooming, car rides, and cats. Oscar is not crazy about men at this time, loud noises, thunderstorms, strange places, and water.

Training: Oscar may not be formally crate trained, but he does like his crate, so that is an excellent start. Oscar is a dog who will bark a bit for attention. True to his breed, he is an alert watchdog that will sound the alarm if a stranger, dog, bike, car, or anything else approaches. Oscar is not used to a collar and leash, but is working on that. Like many Dachshunds, Oscar is possessive of his toys, food, and space, so he guards what is his. He is not destructive. Oscar has learned the command come. Dachshunds like to be in charge and think they know everything, so training might take some time. Dachshunds are treat-motivated when training.

Oscar is a wonderful dog and will be an excellent companion, as long as you fully understand the breed idiosyncrasies and will accept them unconditionally. Oscar will entertain and delight you as he steals the spotlight and clowns around!