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Madeline is a totally adorable Schnauzer/Poodle mix commonly known as a Schnoodle. Madeline was found in the parking lot of the Heights Walmart. The search for her owner has not been successful so she is most likely abandoned.
Personality: Madeline is a sweet shy dog that likes to be introduced to new dogs, people, and places in the company of someone she trusts. Madeline likes other dogs, walks, her crate, men, women, grooming, and car rides. She sometimes likes cats, but is not fond of going to new, unfamiliar places. While Madeline has not met children while being fostered, her breed is typically child-friendly and playful.

Training: Madeline is house and crate trained. She is used to a collar and leash, and may pull on the leash. Madeline has been known to bark, howl, jump on people, jump fences, and run away. She has displayed no bad habits such as digging or chewing.

Schnoodles such as Madeline are good companion dogs. The love their people and need to live indoors. With a moderate activity level, Madeline will quickly adapt to her owner’s lifestyle, while needing daily walks or active play time. Madeline is smart and will learn quickly with positive rewards and praise. Madeline is waiting to meet you…and fall in love!