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Ted was found roaming with no collar or chip to identify him. His rescuer could not bear to leave this malnourished and thin doggy to fend for himself any longer. Since being rescued, Ted has shown that he has some amazing qualities:

Simply irresistible! – Ted is very affectionate and lovable and his foster would keep him, only his current dog didn’t react well to a new doggy in the home.

My character, style, and distinctive qualities - Ted has a sweet demeanor and likes being around people. He is great at both giving and receiving affection. He loves going out for walks and exploring the neighborhood. Ted doesn’t startle with loud sounds or thunder.

Canine capabilities – Ted is a quick learner and is ready to learn more. He can sit and go to his crate on command. His eager to please personality will make him a very trainable dog. Ted has had weeks of board and train and is a super sharp dog! He knows lots of commands now – come and meet him so he can show off!

Introduce me! – Ted enjoys meeting people and dogs.

Ted’s foster describes him as simply wonderful! His vibrant and loving personality fills a home with so much joy and contentment. If you need more of this in your life, come by and visit this delightful doggy.