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Perhaps Buddy was left in a neighborhood considered most likely for someone to take him in. Maybe he was banished for his devastatingly handsome good looks. He doesn’t talk about it, obviously.

Culinary obsession - Food-motivation was the key to Buddy’s capture. He is a slave to his tummy!

Sturdy stuff! – Medical examinations showed that my limp was due to previous fractures, but those healed without surgical intervention.
Love and trust – Buddy trusts his people to take care of him, and enjoys the attentions of his human toddler foster sister, who inspects his teeth, eyes, and ears--and cuddles and feeds him. He loves affection!

Great indoor manners! – Buddy is house and crate trained; he paws at the door when it is time to do his business. Buddy does not get on furniture, and sleeps contentedly on a dog bed at night. He likes to chill in his crate during down times.

Pet peeves – Landscapers, thunderstorms and sometimes loud noises. It is getting better.

I’ve got to be free! – A sometimes escape artist, Buddy needs a tall fence.

It says a lot for Buddy that a neighborhood worked together to make sure he was cared for and would find a good home. Buddy has excelled in all around good-dog behavior, and is ready to make a commitment to a relationship with you and your family. He doesn’t mind babysitting, and it is much better for your child to interact with Buddy than sit around watching TV! Meet Buddy today!