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Found wandering in a grocery store parking lot, Sparky is destined to be your newest family member. He’s definitely a keeper!

Chill dog! – Sparky has reacted positively to everything that has come his way. That is a very good thing!

Mensa potential – Collies are considered highly intelligent. Sparky is eager to please, very smart, and should be easy to train. He already knows one command.

Age appropriate – Sparky is still a puppy, but in a good way. He is beyond most of the early puppy behaviors and maturing into what is certain to be your new best friend!

Remember Lassie? Always getting Timmy out of trouble? Do a Google search. Sure, she had long fur, but Sparky shares some of that DNA! What this means to you is that Sparky will be healthy and add a little something extra to your life. You never know when you’ll need a hero, and Sparky just might be yours!